What is Laminine

Laminine Food Supplements is a functional food that all aging or sick body needs. It contains Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE) + 22 Amino Acids that provides the component and nutrition our body needs to repair itself. FAEE contains FibroBlast Growth Factor (FGF) which has a stem-cell like function. FGF directs the stem cells in our body to rejuvenate and restore damaged or aging cells. Its patented formula OPT-9 that contains FGF directs nutrients and stem cells found in our body to effectively restore damaged cells back to its original condition.

Doctor Recommended*

Accredited with Physicians’ Desk Reference® (PDR®), the leading distributor of drug labeling information, product safety Alerts, and REMS programs. It contains information on dosage, side effects, safety information & clinical trials that include double-blind control study. This means that Laminine is officially a health supplement that is ‘Doctor Recommended’. Laminine Food Supplement is listed with the Physician’s Desk Reference or & appears on the PDR. No prescription needed except for pregnant or lactating women. No adverse side effects.

Ingredients of Laminine

Laminine food supplements contain Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE) + 22 complete chains of Amino Acids. It provides the nutrition your body needs to repair itself. Laminine’s unique composition directs the stem cells in our body to rejuvenate and restore damaged or aging cells. Laminine’s patented and proprietary formula OPT-9 was a result of combined research by doctors who took interest in the discovery of Dr. John Ralston Davidson in 1929. Laminine Omega+++ is a supplement to Laminine (original). It also contains FAEE plus three ingredients that is traditionally known to lower cholesterol, promotes healthier bones, and provide the body with antioxidant.

Mechanism of Action*

The bioactive peptides in Laminine stimulate the dormant stem cells to utilize the phyto amino acids and marine protein to repair damaged aged cells. The benefits of Laminine® are positive effects on memory, skin, libido, energy, joints, muscles, stress, sleep and emotional stability. Clinical studies were done on (1) Wound healing activity; (2) Cortisol & stress; (3) Sugar levels (4) Cholesterol and blood pressure (for Laminine Omega). The clinical tests showed significant improvement in these areas. Results also showed that Laminine can be ideal support to other medications with no known adverse side effects. * Source: Physician’s Desk Reference

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Laminine Benefits │ Regular use of Laminine helps provide:*

Stress & Strain Relief

● Maintain healthy cortisol levels
● Regulate serotonin levels
● Reduce physical and mental stress

Sleep & Skin Improvement

● Promote more restful sleep
● Moderate the stress response
● Build collagen for healthier skin
● Reduce signs of normal aging.

Energy & Physical Strength

● Improve stamina and energy
● Enjoy faster post-workout recovery
● Enhance muscle tone and strength
● Increase libido/sexual desire

Mental & Emotional Boost

● Stimulate natural DHEA production
● Aid in brain function & activity
● Increase alertness
● Improve focus
● Support emotional balance
● Enhance the overall sense of well-being
● Increase physical & mental strength

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